Billy McDaniel: Game Developer & Educator

Billy McDaniel has been passionate about creating since he was a child. Over the years, he has successfully channeled this passion into a thriving career in the gaming industry. He has published 6 games on the Steam platform, as well as 4 asset packs in the Unity Asset Store, helping fellow developers bring their own game visions to life.

In addition to his work as a game developer, Billy is also a dedicated educator. He has created 10 comprehensive courses on video game design for Udemy, amassing over 18,000 students who benefit from his expertise in Unity and Blender.

Originally from the United States, Billy has embraced the digital nomad lifestyle and currently resides in the Philippines. This change of scenery has allowed him to continue pursuing his passion for game development while experiencing new cultures and perspectives. Billy's work is a testament to his commitment to the gaming community and his drive to inspire the next generation of developers.

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More About Billy McDaniel

"I've always known that I'd end up an artist someday. I was just never sure exactly which art I'd pursue."

Billy began his career with music, and gradually expanded his horizons with website design, graphic composition, creative writing, photography and even sleight of hand card magic. After a long and winding road of creative outlets, he finally settled down with video game development as his sole source of income and creativity.