Website Design

Website Design

I started building websites in 1995 when I needed a couple of personal pages for various projects I was working on at the time. After a couple of years, I was hired by the local Internet Service Provider as their in-house website developer. I worked with customers to build much more organized projects from scratch.

The job was a good experience for a guy just starting out. It helped me understand the mechanics of doing business and communicating with customers. However, I had a lot of ambition and felt extremely confined working under another company's authority. I wanted to run my own business. I needed to be my own boss!

I tried several different business names until I finally settled on one I liked. Downeast Design was born in 1998, and I have continued to conduct business under this name ever since.

Latest Project: Grab The Games

Website Design is an excellent way for a Multimedia Artist to exercise their skills. Over the years, I have built several hundreds of websites for a wide variety of business models. Everything from small privately owned businesses, car dealerships, clothing stores, new technologies, medical supplies, adult stores, online magazines, pawn shops, forums, shopping cart systems, blogs, mobile sites, jewelers, massage therapists, authors, and much more. The list is quite extensive..

My latest project is a game deals website called Grab The Games. The site helps people find all the best deals on their favorite video games. Subscribers can vote on posted deals, leave comments, and take advantage of special daily deals offered by the website.

Since I relocated to Las Vegas, I have considered changing my business name. Downeast Design was a name that worked great for the state of Maine, but doing business in Las Vegas under the same name seems strange. It's a hard decision to make after doing business under one name for over a decade.