The Finish

The Finish by Billy McDaniel

I've been writing fiction since I was a teenager. The Finish was my first published novel, although I had written about a dozen unpublished books throughout the years.

"Drew Brennor is a small town New England magician who starts receiving gambling tips from an elusive Las Vegas hustler known as Jack Diamond. Drawn in by the advice, Drew wins millions, but soon discovers Jack has only been using him to settle a score with the casinos that banned him. The hustler wants to destroy Las Vegas and put an end to the gambling industry for everyone. Drew must work together with his friends, Marcus, Brandi and Nastja in order to stop Jack before destroying Sin City and pushing the blame on his victims."
I did a lot of research and development for The Finish and felt that it would be a shame if the book wasn't at least enjoyed by a few friends. With the power of self-publication at my fingertips, it really wasn't difficult to take the completed manuscript and commit it to a printed public version that I could share with the world.

Now that I've professionally published one of my books, I've already started working on the next. I've got two stories that I'm currently trying to fine-tune into finished manuscripts. I'm not sure which one will be published first.

The Chronicles of Osiria

The Chronicles of Osiria by Billy McDaniel

The Chronicles of Osiria is a lengthy book with over a decade in research and development. I'm planning to release this 120,000 word novel as a 12-part series. I'm strategically writing these volumes to contain the right amount of action, suspense, drama and flow with each edition.

A group of archeologists uncover an ancient portal into the lost kingdom of Osiria and begin to discover some of the delicate truths about the world. If they can survive the wrath of the underworld's mysterious god, will they share the secrets with the rest of mankind?
Osiria introduces ancient myth to the modern day where gods and heroes still conflict, fabled creatures run free and science seems more like magic. The book won't be ready to publish until 2014. It may be released one volume at a time as eBooks or PDFs and then after a year, I may publish a printed version for paperback and hardcover readers.

The Patent Clerk

The Patent Clerk by Billy McDaniel

I'm now working on a new story outline that deals with free-will and the conflict of paradox. This science-fiction novel is meant for readers who enjoy strange twists and unpredictable behavior.

Dean Walker's mundane life as a patent clerk steals away his youth. Hoping to extend the quality of his remaining years, he takes a tip from a co-worker who explains that its his predictable routine that causes the days to go by so swiftly. By making small changes to his daily routine, he gains a new sense of adventure filled with opportunities that never could have existed before. His new discovery becomes an obsession as each passing day delivers a richer quality to the patent clerk's life.

Dean soon realizes that someone has been manipulating his own destiny. Freedom of choice seems limited as the clerk struggles to understand the paradoxical problems presented. No longer controlled by the manipulations, the patent clerk learns that his place in the future is much more important than he ever could have imagined.

I hope to publish The Patent Clerk early in 2014. It will be about 80,000 words, or about 350 pages, and will be made available in paperback and hardcover prints.