Guitarist / Vocalist (Musician)

Billy McDaniel jamming on the guitar

I started playing the guitar at the age of 14. I picked up the instrument very quickly and was jamming with some of the best musicians in Southern Maine at a very young age. They used to call me "Billy The Kid", a reference to my youth, where most of my peers were musicians in their 30's and 40's. I was performing in bars and giving guitar lessons by the age of 16.

Today, I still sing and play guitar, although I have a lesser desire to perform on stage. I enjoy jamming for friends, and occasionally take my performance downtown to play for tips. I suppose if I were to put another band together here in Vegas, I'd pursue a Rockabilly format. I just love those vintage tones and melodies.

I have written about 50 songs since I began playing, and have learned many thousands of cover songs from the 1950's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's. I keep a couple of hundred songs dedicated to memory taking requests whenever possible. Some of my musical peers have referred to me as a human jukebox.

I've performed in many bands, but most of my music career was spent performing solo as Hard Rock Acoustic. I was known in Southern Maine for bringing hard rock songs to the acoustic guitar. My set list included a wide variety of rock music, mostly upbeat songs, and rarely the kinds of songs you'd expect from an acoustic performer.

In the later years, I fell in love with Rockabilly music and began adding lots of 1950's music to my set list. Eventually I put a 3-piece Rockabilly band together with an upright bassist, and began booking gigs as The Billy Katz.

The classic songs from the 50's really take you back to your roots. You've got to be skilled with Rock, Country, Blues, and even Jazz in order to pull it off respectfully. Most musicians are strong in one area, and weak in the others.
In addition to guitar and vocals, I have been known to tinker around with other instruments as well. I've written a few songs for the piano and actually prefer to write songs with a keyboard versus a guitar. I've got a little bit of drums and harmonica experience, although I'm not very good at either. The guitar is something I do very well, and although I've been open-minded to learning new instruments, my love for guitar is unmatched by any other thing that I do.